How ISIS is promoting itself and gaining popular support on the ground.


It is true that ISIS is the Most atrocious terrorist group living on the planet right now, but they somehow managed to create an image and to deliver their message to the globe, how ISIS managed to create this monstrous image? and how it reached the globe and grabbed the attention of the global audience will be revealed in this article.

What really ISIS did, knowingly or without knowing they used the marketing principles to create a unique product with a high demand and value for some young people in the world, and there are 5 points that ISIS succeeded to create this value chain whereas other organizations have failed and perished and they are as follows:

1- the use of Ideology as a means of justification:: ISIS repeatedly used and still using Ideology which has great influence on every Muslim person living on this planet, to justify its notorious inhumane acts of violence and torture, by doing this they pacify the guilt of killing which comes with killing another human being, they also used Qur’an verses and modified them in order to suit their monstrous goals, ISIS also rejected the modern interpretation of the Qur’an and rejected by it the modern way of life and all the complexities that comes with it, with taking this path ISIS is promoting an extreme way of Islam which is acceptable from few but large number of Muslim population throughout the world, it is estimated that ISIS global supporters reached 2 million, whereas the Opponents of this movement are 2 billion Muslims.

2-the Use of propaganda:: ISIS systematically used propaganda materials in its photography documentation and graphic designs and campaigns, it used what they claim the photo of the ring of the Prophet Muhammad as a personal Logo for their flag, also they used the black flag which used to be used in the Islamic conquests of the early days of Islamic expansion, in addition to this, ISIS implemented a unique dress code, consisted of the black fighting suit for the ISIS fighters, also derived from the color of the flag, and orange clothes for the prisoners captured, the reason for the orange color is a striking reminder of the Guantanamo bay prisoners, who’s majority were Muslim detainees, also ISIS Instrumented a money with the ISIS logo printed on it but it had a little success on the ground. And finally ISIS chose drive and show off mostly big American cars, like Toyota Camry’s to show how dominant group they are and to send a message that their group can create and maintain a grassroots movement anywhere on the globe, and its sphere of influence is not limited to Iraq and Syria.

3-The effective use of video capturing and distribution: ISIS is the first and only terrorist organization that used the video editing and post production technology as elaborately as it did, this terrorist organization took months to video capture the execution of the prisoners, it is estimated by experts, that this organization use 4 camcorders to video capture one execution, and this is not a surprising thing since ISIS have foreign fighters who used to live in all corners of the globe before they came to the middle east to fight, thus ISIS has the talent needed to create this frightening videos and show it to the public through YouTube channels, in addition to this, ISIS has creativity to show its monstrosities in a new way every day, keeping the global media on its toes, from beheadings to burning alive and recently child murderers, this reminds us of the Roman times, where the public used to get entertained by new ways of killing and torture in the coliseum.

4-The rapid recruitment, training and deployment to the battlefield: there is no close competitor to ISIS, in aspect of how fast they recruit and deploy fighters to the ground, this is mainly to the technological advances of the century, from Internet to airplanes and public transportation, the whole process starts from Facebook pages and twitter accounts, where they convince the young and the reckless of Muslim and Non-Muslim ISIS affiliates, to join the group and afterwards, they offer them fast deployment to training camps in anywhere in the desert, and after a month they deploy them back to the battlefield, cutting national and international borders, invading private lives of every troubled mind and soul, connected to the internet.

5-The persuasive communication of promises and Benefits: ISIS systematically is trying to convince predominantly the young Muslim generation to participate in its activities by persuading them to share its religious Facebook or twitter posts benefiting from strong conservative religious leanings of the Muslim community, and try to convince them eventually participating in the holy war, against the infidels as it claims in its statements, participating with ISIS doesn’t come without benefits,ISIS promises its participants, modest accommodation and shelter who will arrive at the battlefield, extensive military training and equipment, along with family monthly pay of thousand dollars, and most importantly a reserved place in heaven, it is also important to mention that ISIS provides the opportunity for perished individuals to have a family and friends and become famous while they are fighting and after their death as martyrs and heroes of the cause that ISIS is promoting.


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