Why The US foreign policy, got too many things wrong about Syria


For years the US foreign policy was very naive into looking to the middle eastern critical and world changing issues, those issues are very pressing in the future not only of the US, but also for the future of the world as well. In this article we will discuss some of the mistakes the US foreign policy has made from the point of view of the writer, and will show the legitimacy of the argument by mere logical examination and facts from the ground. In the beginning, some people argue, that how is it possible, that the US NGO organizations and the hidden groups who back them, send billions of dollars to other people who they neither know or trust or can validate their credibility and trust in dealing with such a huge sums of cash, this is one of the biggest mistakes that the US administration is doing in Syria, directly from the website of the US department of state, it’s mentioned that the Department is helping the moderate side of the opposition and excluding the extremist side from funds, this may seem true on paper, but in reality this is completely false, since the funds are being looted and being stealed and controlled by the strongest and most brutal opposition force on the ground (ISIS) as well as hundred more groups, things are fussy here than the pretty views from the windows of the white house, the second mistake is, the notion that with making sanctions on Syria, the US foreign policy planners, think that they will change the balance of power inside Syria, which is not true, because the only people who are suffering from those sanctions are Syrian citizens, for example, it has become much difficult to diffuse technology and scientific apparatus inside Syria, after the strong US sanctions on Syria, by doing this US policy is promoting backwardness and decadence in Syria, and not promoting freedom and democracy like it says it does, in the economic side of the argument, by putting sanctions on Syria, the US department stopped the transfer of monetary funds from the globe to the Syrian people, by doing so the policy makers thought they will gain the consent of the business community inside Syria, and bring change agents from within, this strategy didn’t work, mainly because, the business community don’t have any real power on the ground, the real change is happening in the fighting fields, not in the stock exchange rooms in Damascus, which are well controlled by a few billionaires who won’t be affected by any kind of sanctions whatsoever, all this difficulties combined made life of Syrian people much harder than it already is. And the last mistake was the demolition of chemical stockpile of Syria, was a complete failure in its face, and the reason is, that Syria, has and can have unlimited amounts of this particular kind of weapon and any other kind in seconds from its allies, on the contrary, US policy, helped Syria from cleaning its own garbage, which if didn’t been handled carefully would have been a real danger for Syria itself, as president Assad said in an interview with the CNN, “they can come and clean the rest of it, if they want, but this will cost the US government, a billion dollar, if the US public wants to pay it, so be it” In the end of this brief article, the writer suggests drastic change in the US Foreign policy not only in Syria, but complete re-evaluation of its policies throughout the middle east as well, starting at the root of some of the key issues in the middle east like the issue of Palestine, and accenting to making better relations with Iran and Russia, which is also connected to the disputed issue of Ukraine, and create more robust and realistic peace road map to the future of the region and the world as well.


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