social and economic consequences of the Syrian crisis


In this essay I will try to explain the social and economic consequences of the Syrian crisis, till the day of the article, because as time going further in the future, things are changing in a very fast and rapid way. I will also emphasize on the point of conceptual ideological dysfunctions of the Syrian and Middle East societies for building feasible reality that can benefit the conflicting visions of the area.

First of all I will do an environmental overall research of the overall situation in the country and then get into more pressing issues of the crisis. The international perspective represented by the UN is totally biased toward the benefit of the northern industrial nations, making their point of view about the subject illigimate. Also the Russians benefit strongly and play a big role in the conflict, because Russia thinks that this part of land is inside its own territorial power zone, that’s why it deployed (big alexander) missiles all over the Syrian borders, after the Turkish intimidating move backed by the Nato to deploy anti- missile shell the (patriot missile system), this Nato move was so rude that it can trigger a wide scale conflict around turkey, Iran,

Syria and as well as Israel, the huge media coverage that Syria in the starting of the conflict was getting has been loosened, after the conflicting super power parties (Us and Russia) saw that resolving the deadly situation is far more complex and far more interweaved to each other than they expect it to be, the big media news agencies which they have far reaching dominion strategies also loosened day to day coverage’s of the ever escalating conflict of Syria, concentrating more on their country’s internal economic struggles and most of the time on American foreign policy.

The situation on the ground is totally different from what is shown to the public on the mass media companies, the life that used to be totally safe, has become a total struggle to survive in a dignified sense,

The inner city wars, has left millions of citizens in total despair and in a unpredicted state of affairs, with constant worry about what will happen next, the guerrilla warfare system that the separatist groups has adopted left all the parts of the city in total insecurity and in constant fear of coming ambush or street fight with heavy machines, this fear in itself is enough to stop any kind of citizen life style and human progress in the broad meaning of the word, even the name of the free Syrian army as an major opposition to the S.g.f has been changed to more extremist ideological fighting groups and forms, which has become more popular here in Syria and gained more respect and power on the ground, like the ( Jabhat Al nusra) and this groups are mainly using suicide techniques as fighting method against the more stronger opponent the (Sgf) .  The western powers mainly concerned by their selling of armaments, are arming whatever separatist groups it finds flow into its strategic long term interests, as it thinks that getting rid of this groups is an easy business which is not, so the idea that conflict can be managed specially in this parts of the world has been shown to be a complete failure which also that can spread its negative effects even to

Us itself, because like the proverb (what goes around comes around). The direct financial support to this separatist groups from Qatar under the American supervision is total catastrophe to any kind of civilization living in this parts of the world, some of the finds even get through under the cover of humanitarian help, those all attempts are utilized only to over thrown President Bashar Alas ad’s government with all its civil structures that took 100 years to build, replacing it by an Islamic Sharia law kind of government, this rigid type of Gov. is accepted as the true way, by the majority of the illiterate masses of the society where poverty and corruption is nested for centuries. About the Bourgeois class of Sunnis, and their stand on this crisis, most of them fled outside the country waiting for something positive to happen and hoping for a stronger comeback in the future, which I personally suspect will happen any time soon, the thing that will happen if the political system collapsed it will be a long period of anarchy, that’s because the illiteracy level is so high in this country and the population growth is so immense that governments in those areas can’t sustain the needed human life standards which needed to live a decent life, also any political reform in order to take in any country, the citizens of that country need to have a certain level of  intellectual ground, of knowing about political game,  that said is, to have the ability to analyze, think and vote from his or her own will, and not to be effected by authoritarian influences like religion, which plays a very big controlling role on human actions in middle east, and the most important, to create political powers which can compete with each other in a fair competitive sense which is lacking from the whole region, we can trace this lack of knowledge, from the collapse of internal structures of political parties in Egypt, the unique situation of Syria isn’t like Tunisia, where the political change didn’t have so much casualties accept the horrific event of that guy who let himself on fire, who started the whole Arab spring.

Social environment:

the most eye catching changes in the social area are the ever increasing number of mass immigration outside of the country that they are living, their lost homes and belongings behind making this mass sections of empty towns a perfect place gangs and military groups from different sizes and power, where they became masters of these empty streets and citizens making it more different to enforce law and order, for the current system and for the system that will follow it. All this happened because of the loose control of the borders between turkey and Syria, which was protected by trust between the two nations. The Turkish side failing to keep the trust, allowed the military groups to enter the Syrian land without any hesitation, even they trained them, which is total violation of international laws and orders and total violation of human dignity itself. Also the second social change is the mass presence of the poor populations on the wealthy streets of undestroyed towns like Aleppo, where they are opening massive amount of shops and stores selling everything from vegetables to fish, this makes a whole new social structure where every one’s life and emotions are characterized by contrast grief and sadness, for example the population of (Salah-Aldin) in Aleppo, moved to Aleppo university’s student dormitories making a total disruption of the lives of both students and doctors, and where the term safe place has become out of mind and question, people in Syria after tasting long term economic failures their heart and mind become full of grief and sadness, especially after they lost some members of their family, little hope left for a better and more stable future, and what make things worse is the 24/7 unstoppable shelling that is exploding over population’s head all the time, reminding them that death is near, which is psychological and bodily pain that needs years to be cured entirely. Another social phenomenon is the constant sight of the ambulance cars with Kalashnikov guns inside them shooting in the air to open a road for the cars to go faster, this new phenomenon make people feel that they are under constant mercy of the gun in any moment, stripping people from their citizenship and transforming them to mere slaves,

In the business area:

the real estate market has stopped working long time ago, because of the sudden recession from war, this where Syria was enjoying 6% rise in growth each year in the past, the Syrian currency is falling miserably without any stop, like a big snow avalanche, making life in the city extremely expensive, the gold prices crushed the sky limits, where the demand is bigger than supply. The price of transportation is connected directly with the rise of the oil prices, which in the recent year has risen dramatically, electricity also connected with oil and the availability of oil in the big cities which is halted by the rebel forces all the time, and because of this too many people are stealing electricity from the electrical posts in order to survive, when too many people steal because the lack of controlling authority, the whole electrical system becomes damaged because of too much heavy load and this is exactly what happening in all the cities around Syria right now, people in general people are relying on wood to heat their homes instead of oil and gas, the middle classes still afford to buy fuel radiators which consumes high and big amount of wood for little amount of actual heating, if this situation continues in the long run, even the richest people will become poor, in the middle of whole this chaos there are big benefiters  also, like the traders who are selling electrical radiators the wood traders, and the mobile phone traders who are asking inflammatory  prices for their monopolized products, those new type of merchants in my opinion will become the new oligarchs of the upcoming years, coming after  names like Azzuz who was a big affluent of the Syrian Government, those new oligarchs do business the same way as their older ones, by doing illegal trade and work without paying any taxes, what keeps them in control is their vast social business and political connections, established by buying the silence of corrupt politicians by money, this gives them upper hand advantage against anyone else and help them to become the richest of the rich in the developing world.


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