The Road to the Airport

This is a continuation of my own diaries and the things that I faced in Syria, even writing of this article, has become ever and ever more difficult to accomplish physically and psychologically, the reasons are obvious my moral is decreasing because the intensity of the war has escalated dramatically in the previous few weeks, things are not the way it used to be, I used to listen to classic music and start writing my own diaries, but now, I can’t stop my mind worrying the mind chattering totally is controlling my mind, three weeks ago, our family decided to travel to Armenia in order to see, if there is any possibility of immigration that we can take, it’s worth mentioning that immigration became the desirable solution for the many in reaction with the current circumstances,  the journey in itself was suicidal, I don’t recommend anyone to take the road to Aleppo Airport, then we went to meet the driver, he was an Arab Christian crazy driver, who was risking his life daily in order to take passengers on that dangerous root, when I first saw this man, I knew that he became the way he was from the stress of war, he was doing his job out of absolute necessity, the pictures of mother Mary was all around his car he was religious, and in the same time he was like the fox kind of humans, dealing with every one, pleasing and talking behind people’s back all the time, he had to take us from a very dangerous root, to the airport in order we can take the plane and leave the place, rebels on the left, ordinary forces on the right, pointing guns on each other, and the road just in the middle, it’s amazing how we convinced our self that everything will be all right, when we first started to prepare for the flight, the news came that there was an Armenian convey which was hit by false gunfire’s and big number of casualties recorded, we were terrified by the news, that’s why we decided that postponing the trip is the best choice, this was the first time, on the second time, we decided that we have to take the trip no matter what, and then we took it, we went on 5am, I won’t forget that morning, because I didn’t sleep that night so well, we went straight to the Airport, the driver was driving on 125km/h speed, he was flying not driving, he was very talkative, mainly talking about his heroism about the confronting death and escaping from it, he was telling the story of the death of another taxi driver , when he was standing next to him, when a false bullet killed his driver friend, he was telling it with a happy sarcasm, like someone, who was already put himself on the side of the dead, the guy apparently escaped death too many times, and survived death not because he was a nice guy, but because he was good with dealing both with the rebels and the ordinary forces, next the car went on a very long road going from the outer borders of the city, the road relatively was secure,  but the most annoying part was the constant chattering of the nervous driver, we were very silent all the way of the trip, our silence was a sign of our nervousness, the funny thing that happened in my mind that moments, is the flaw of imagination I imagined that I was somewhere better, somewhere more secure and more humane , it was natural thing to do, since the circumstances that we were in, was not understandable from the point of the view of the rational mind, when we got close to the Airport we felt the impact of the war, we saw the torn down buildings of Salah Aldine and  the Saif al dawla, we saw too many barracks on both sides of the road, all the barracks were full of machine guns and soldiers it was terrifying part, then we went through the same place where the other Armenians were shot, the traces of the bullets were still there on the wall, we went by that also, then finally after too much struggling psychologically, we saw the Airport building, and took a long breath of  relief, when we entered the building, it was like we entered a military zone , with fortifying walls and guns of all kind, inside there was something like allot of soldiers, ready for fight in any moment, we knew it was a different type of environment here our driver was a known man from heck of allot of people inside the airport, that’s why we entered without any inspection, we were one of the first arrivals for the plane, that’s why we decided to put our luggage on the row and started preparing for the journey, inside the waiting hall, there was allot of soldiers roaming in case of danger, there was one guy I remember his figure, he looked like an old Rambo, with his Kalashnikov and long beard and light t-shirt, he had tens of bullet holders all over his body, these guys were the type that don’t fear death, there were people everywhere  the airport was stuffed with people going more than coming, they were trying to load luggage as much as possible since there was allot of them won’t come back again anytime soon, another thing caught my attention is the huge presence of Armenians in the waiting room, the flight was more than full, there was Armenian big families, small ones and some artistic families also, playing guitar, it was exciting to see all these people in that place waiting the plane to fly, we waited as long as 2 hours for the plane, we ate sandwiches that we made earlier, it was nice to think about sandwiches before we went out of  home, I took an ought with myself that if things become worse in that place, certainly I will fight, fortunately things went far smoother than I expected, and we went to the freeshop section it was closed there wasn’t any free shops anymore, the plane was in good shape and we went to our seats the crazy thing is we were given boarding tickets with no special barcode system on it, it was a fake printed one, maybe they had to decrease the expenses of the flight, so they made a ticket like this, and after we sat in out places, the plane    … to be continued


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