walks in the streets of aleppo

sorian al jadida

I had a busy day today, I left tired typing my last article, about my daily life in the city, in this article I would like to articulate how was my half hour walk break from the prison home that I live in, I will explain the overall general impressions that I felt and saw in the streets, it was nice afternoon evening when I went out near 5pm straight, this is the time where the moon starts to show in the sky, I don’t go out later than that, the streets become a war field after that time, I decided make my walk as interesting as possible, so I decided to take another root, from previous days of the week, I got out of the door, saluted our neighbor barber, there was plenty of people inside, they saluted back at me with a smile in their face, usually when I walk I out an iPod in my ears, usually listening to relaxing music, my favorite type is reiki,  or he sounds of the ocean, in this day, the weather was surprisingly nice, there was a tender breeze coming from the north, blowing next to my ear bringing with it, the hope of the future freedom from this suffering, the most beautiful things on those suburban roads, the green long lines of jasmine on the two sides of the street, which spreads its amusing odors, all over the place, the high pitch voices of the Canary birds, singing their learned songs from their closed cages, every now and then I would see groups of boys, looking bored from what is happening around them, sitting on the corners of the streets, sometimes with ugly looking dogs with them, they don’t have work to do, that’s why they fill their time with cursing and fighting, and sometimes with making graffiti on the walls, I like the graffiti, but most of the time, I would keep myself away from this boys, some of them is full with fear and anger, probably they didn’t have any loving parent, to help them when they are growing up, they look ready for a fight in any time, their only worry in life is how to hurt as many people possible in the shortest time, some of my high school closest friends were this particular type, they made me harm back then long time ago, I continued my walk to next to the Soriani church just next to it the Muslim mosque we used to live in peace and harmony before, but now things are different, it’s a beautiful church built with a unique modern design, you would see a funeral papers stuck on the walls there, I entered it once or twice, although I’m Christian, Christians seldom enter the churches of other sects, when I look inside the church, I see a live community of people, protected from outside world’s dangers, next I walk down between the streets , I walk by the DVD seller, he is an old man with a big cross inside his shop, I rarely enter his shop, he shop is dirty and he looks like a hopeless man, you see allot of hopeless people here and there, maybe the slow pace of living made them that way. If you are lucky, you may also see group of girls looking and staring to boys, their outrageous costumes, sometimes makes the boys escape from them rather than like them, like that other day, I saw a girl with a yellow t-shirt with orange shoes, it was provocative, and didn’t fit on the girl, so she looked really silly in that, the eyes of these girls seems to tell a message, a message that invites boys to their sneaky games of love and affection, while the war prolongs, women become more nervous and easy going, they fear being left alone, that’s why you, will see all of the pretty girls of the suburban, convinced their fathers that immigrating is the best choice, there is a big number of people moved from their houses and there is more considering to do so, sometimes when I walk, I would see the furniture transport car comes and collects the stuff of the house, so they can move to a better living place, some of the people move to Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, and Dubai, where the high salaries are an attraction for the middle income educated families, but there also, things aren’t as rosy and easy as what you expect it to be, the global financial crisis effected the whole income of population of the world, another big thread of immigration is the rebels of this war, just days ago, they abandoned one of the elderly houses in the city some of the elderly people couldn’t walk to be able to escape anything, that’s why they left them there where they can face their destiny alone. While all these ideas are running in my head, I’m smelling bad odors of rotten garbage wherever I go, it’s the trash problem, whenever I go I see trash and garbage everywhere, this is how freedom manifests itself in a country here self-discipline and education failed to do their job, before the crisis, garbage gatherers used to work their job pretty well, but after the collapse of the administrative bodies of the government, the started stop working, that’s why the city became a big garbage can, where every night you would walk up, irritated from the smell of the burning garbage. My biggest mistake of that day’s walk, was walking from a narrow street that I avoid mainly, this particular side street, is a mixture of Christian and Muslim neighborhood, while I was walking there I saw a Muslim preacher, preaching in the street in an angry voice, why was his temper so sharp?, Maybe some of his brothers got killed by the bombings, maybe he is trying to gather people to go and fight whatever he thinks the enemy is, I walked very fast from that street, because I didn’t want any troubles to face, it’s 7pm now and the sounds of the machine guns started to become heavy, I decided it’s better to go back home, before I would get killed from a distracted bullet. Finally on my way home, I saw the girl that works in the hair dressing room, she had this despaired eyes and looks, she looked like someone who experienced allot of men and didn’t like one of them, she looked nasty in her overdone perfumes and hair style, any how I went back home, walked by the grocery seller, who was someone hiding his head behind the stuffed grocery products, as I reached my door step, I took a deep breath, that this small walk didn’t end with any unfortunate event…end


With pain we born,

With pain we grow,

With pain we die,

I’m sure some day

Our soul will go,

To a better living place,

A place where death

 Can’t take our loved ones from us,

A place where love and beauty,

Will live forever.


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