The day of escape

On the seventh day of august 2012, was very critical day in my life, on this day, some of the (salafi Jabhat Al nusra) group, attacked part of the town which I live in, those outlaw groups, are now very active in targeting police stations, and other critical parts of the town.All these military separatist groups are connected with the (FSA). They are uncontrollable; destruction is spreading wherever they roam, the fights began at 6:00 am, morning hours. We woke up on the sounds of heavy artillery and machine guns, there was a l-39 fighter jet, which were shooting on the rebels, but the machine gun used by the plane, was not accurate, some of the heavy bullets, were coming right on the buildings, when the plane started to hit the insurgents next to our apartment, we were terrified, because we are living on the last floor of the building, and if any wrong bomb hits the building, we would probably be the first casualties. We started to pack our belongings to leave the house, it was terrible experience, my whole family was in total panic, my father suggested that we should go down stairs, so we went down, but we were still not ready to leave, there was too many things should carried out, before we can actually leave, after we were downstairs, one of the doors opened and one women invited us to her house, they were an Armenian hospitable family, who were trying to cope with the unbearable situation, with talking and sharing emotions with others, after accepting their invitation, I started to look around feeling myself in a new environment, there was two Chinese vases which caught my eye, I wished I could have them, the family consisted of women and two grownup children, the father was dead last year, from heart attack, one of the child’s, the girl, was working for a boutique shop, the house was messy, and there was a smell in it, which I didn’t like, this was the first time we were taking refuge, in another person’s house, after we sat a while, another nock on the door, this time it was a women, neighbor of theirs, rushed to the house just like us, she was crying, she was lonely women, teaching Arabic, from (deir alzor), who were also panicked from the shelling, she was crying because she were remembering what the rebels did to her home town, week ago, she were afraid that the same thing will happen here. The mother brought coffee for all of us, we started to drink quietly, the sound of the machine guns still on top of us, after the fight, calmed down a while, we apologized for coming to their house, it’s a tradition, where you have to apologize for everything you do, and then we thanked them and left. On our way up back to the apartment, we had loads of bags with us, that’s why, me and my sister, went up by the elevator, just when the elevator reached the third floor, suddenly the electricity went down, I was even more frustrated, some thoughts came to my mind, I asked myself, why all this bad things happening to me? What did I do wrong to deserve all this, why it has become so impossible to live in a peaceful world, only then I realized, that the world which we live in is only a chaos, but we as intelligent beings try to discover order in it, those discoveries are great for scientific indevour , but it doesn’t mean that the realities which we construct to ourselves, are real, it may be a lie which helps us to cope with the changing tides of our environment, it feels like we build our life from sandy castles, but those castles are only sand, it can be washed in any moment, like a child who gets angry from the loss of his masterpiece on the ocean, we as , matured beings feel the same kind of anger, when we put in front of hard realities. My suggestion is for everyone who encounters these kinds of situations, to be calm and not grief for his material loss, because money can come by work, if you are a hard worker, even if you left everything behind you, you will be able to rebuild yourself after the adversity, like the proverb which says, the hits that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. the reality was, that we were stuck, inside the black box, in a moment where mobility is the most vital thing, so next time emergency happens don’t you ever take the elevator, because you may get stuck in there forever.Then my father came to open the door, with the emergency key, we were stuck between the third and the fourth floor, only tiny space left, for us to jump out of the box, I was afraid if my sister jumps, the electricity can come again, and her leg could stuck in the elevator, afterwards I knew, that my worries were absurd, because the elevator

door once opened, the main electricity of the elevator turns off. Finally, just seconds, before we were going to jump from the hole, electricity came back, and we were finally able, to get out of the elevator, to a safe place.In those kinds of critical situations, first thing I do, is searching face book, for any kinds of new information which may be available of the fight, its location, distance from our home, and available roads for traveling, if we decided to escape, in case of extreme emergency. There are over 7 local forums from where I get that valuable information. Most of these forums are falsifiable, and sometimes wrong, because they don’t represent legitimate source, and besides they are easily hacked and the information is easily manipulated, till now the city of Aleppo is watching fearsome fights on its streets between the (FSA) and the (SGA). Now the (SGA) is taking back the city from the insurgents. For 24 hours in the last 3 months, we are hearing the sounds of the shelling. The supply of the electricity has been lowered as low as 3 hours per day. The shortage of fuel made leaving the town much riskier, the roads to the airport are barely safe. In the minds of the many, the time of the final emigration becomes closer, I lived to see in a time where sad eyes and sad faces looking to the looming future, those same eyes were longing of happy and bright future of Syria, if one thing makes me go on, is the trust, that I have in myself, which tells me no matter what happened, I will try my best to do the right thing.


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