Children in war (The Syrian Case)

When most of human beings been born, they grow to see the magnificent work of creation, their souls become full of grace and joy of life, and living their lives become something, that they can also enjoy, not be just an act of survival…,but unfortunately for some of unfortunate children, this is not the case, in this long essay I will try to understand why the life of those children become horribly tormented by their environment, and will also will try to find a solutions for those children, to help them survive, these problems if solved, would yield social benefits for all citizen of the world, I read allot about this subject and found allot of useful ideas, that will shed a light on this important subject, it will be helpful for the future educated masses, to implement these ideas, if their societies prosperity has any significant importance for them.

the psychology of child’s dream:

every child in this world has a innate positive attitudes in it, and I think this positive attitudes are condensed in one word known as (dream), the first dreams of childhood ,as we remember are wild imaginations of glass castles in sky, flying cars, some dream of new inventions which doesn’t even exist yet, as science shows us the mind of a child is more creative than the mid of an adult, the dreamland of the child also looks and feels less selfish than the world of an adult, even children has the mind ability, flexibility and naivety , to not investigate ideas like ,gains and losses ,dangers and fears that every grown up man feels because of his awareness of the bitter realities that should be faced responsibly.

As the environmental changes become more and more harsh on families and their children, even the most vulnerable, children, start to feel the terrible effects of war, a small comparison between a middle eastern child and a western child’s life, will make you realize, the huge mind differences that separate these two from each other, even the most poorest children in the west, will be covered by foster care programs, and charity organizations , protecting them from life threatening situations , until they become grownups where they can support them self’s.

For the last 20 years, Syria had the longest peace period in its history which was mostly, unstable, O was born and raised at this peaceful times , my childhood also had its down turns but in comparison with the current and the future generations of children , it was a blessing life. Now days the Syrian children are facing unnecessary wars ,sectarian violence, wars, and poverty. Every kind of help is needed to aid who needs to be aided , this kind of help shouldn’t be by funding military groups who are seeking their own personal interests, whether it should be aimed only for affected civilians .

The psychological effects of war on children’s life:

Every adult who has been exposed to high level of stress stimuli in this case, war, will easily tell how hard it was for him to deal with the situation as an adult, so imagine hard for a child to deal with all the painful experiences that he is facing in a time that the child needs the at most care and love from his surroundings, their exposure to violent acts from adults around them, will imprint violent acts and emotions in their subconscious mind, maybe if you look at those children from outside you think they are normal, this because the damage has been done on the subconscious and not in the conscious level of the mind, even if those children survive the physical damages, they will improbably be able to avoid the emotional and the psychological traumas of war. According to the Unicef , around 10 million children each year become traumatized because of war, from my personal observation of children, I see children these days are watching tremendous amount of violence , live from their life experiences and virtual from TVs, this infinite amount of negativity, will transform the child from life loving ( the Eros instinct) to a death loving creature(pathos) . if immediate psychological interventions didn’t occurred in early age the child will create mind patterns which are destructive to himself and the people around him.

The effects of war, on the physical health of children:

After discussing the psychological effects of war let’s discuss the physical effects of war on children, the child’s body from the first moments of its development needs continuous care and nutrition in order to grow properly, in the unfortunate times of war children become deprived from these innermost urgent necessities for their growth and survival, that why children get the hardest hit from war. 1995 and 1992 , there were 149 major wars, killing more than 23 million people, the hottest zones of war , was Bosnia and Herzegovina(now over) , Cambodia ,Congo, Rwanda. Burma, Chechnya, and now Syria.


Post war re-integration of children into society:

children face serious problems when trying to re-integrate back into society, after wars are over, some of the serious problems are, emotional, and long lasting physical wounds, finding the means and the ways to solve this problems seems challenging on the first glimpse, but after further investigation, we realize that helping the needy can be achieved with small contributions financial and emotional support, positive feedbacks, lectures, medical aids, gifts , certainly will bring the hope to the hearts of the needy, giving them another reason to live. With these small act of charity we revive the lost dignity in the hearts of our fellow human brothers.

The Human disaster( the infliction of pain on other humans):

The main human disasters in the 21 century are not natural disasters, they are humanitarian disasters , in the root of these disasters is the human greed for power and wealth, manipulation of power by some greedy Politicians in all century’s made a terrible human disasters , where the only ones who bared the consequences of these cynical behavior, were innocent civilians, in order to prevent this thing from happening , citizens of any country should educate them self’s, in different kinds of subjects, they should also decrease their personal ego and start accepting broader responsibilities, in this why we can control our inner destructive powers, transforming it into positive action. To organize this broad human power, humans should gather themselves, in powerful unions with trustworthy leaders, who are not using them as milking cows, rather, managing them as respectful fellow humans.


The Rural war of  Syria:

When we watch the news, we think that the main wars are fought in the main cities of Syria, but the opposite is true, The main war is happening in the rural areas of the country, the rebels are mainly backed with clan like connections, and from the local poor peasants, the huge number of poor and illiterate peasants are the back bone of so called Syrian revolution, despite the fact that those same peasants were the biggest beneficiaries from the Syrian government, it’s a known habit of this areas to change loyalty in a second ,because of the lack in feeling of patriotism, those old cultured societies are more connected with the family ties, than any kind of political movement, it is estimated that the number of children killed in the rural areas because of war 1300, there are 12 children sexually abused, and 49 children massacred, in one incident, these different kinds of barbaric acts, will scare Syria for generations. Underneath all the bright slogans of revolution, the main fights have deep sectarian root in them, that’s became obvious, in many massacres that Syria saw, in only one year fight, the main mentality of the massacre doers is, to exterminate not only the adult of a particular ethnic group, but also children. This is well described by the expression (ethnic cleansing), like one political commander expressed in the midst of war in Rwanda ((to kill the big rats, you have to kill the little rats)).

The child militants:

When first the internal war started in Syria we didn’t see child soldiers in the first 6 months of the conflict, but after the war became more violent obviously there was allot of death tolls, from all sides, I believe recruiting children for military, is one of the biggest violations to human rights, after the first six months, we started to see Syrian child soldiers on the YouTube, even military groups constituted only from children under the age of 14. In this vulnerable age, children should be busy with their mind development, with their schooling; instead we are seeing them involved in the dirty schemes of adults. This child soldiers being highly suggestible, will execute military orders, exactly how they are told, from the adults who control them, making them more lethal, than adults themselves, adults may also inject children with narcotic substance to make them even more suggestible, in that particular situation even if a child thought of escaping from the oppressor, the addiction will hold him back from actually doing it, if things detoriat further, the leaders of the military groups, may also use children as suicide bombers.

After the Syrian conflict will be over, these same children must be educated, to rebuild their countries the same way they destroyed it, in this way, we can shift the picture of the victimized child mentality, to a targeted child, in this way, children can become productive entities, to their societies, and the world.

Effects of war, on Women and girls.

Women and girls suffer the consequences of violence in war through rape, abuse, torture, and the loss of economic security, the obvious example of this, the story of the Turkish camp where 10000 refugees ,took refuge, it is estimated that 400 rape cases occurred, in a matter of 6 months. This show the horrific effects of lawlessness, which occur during and after war.


If war is fully understood by the people who advocate it and support it, it wouldn’t happened at all, but as history has showed us, that humanity makes the same mistakes over and over again, my only hope is faster end to the war situation in Syria, because if not so, the situation can spill over to other neighboring countries and then we can’t really imagine the size of the catastrophe in that case.


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