zero hour, Aleppo.

As I’m writing this article ,the (SGF) helicopters are flying all over the city, the Syrian governmental forces are entering to the districts of (sakhur), (salah aldin), and (bab al hadid) , and the other places that the Syrian free army, claimed that they freed them, from the occupation of the government, the political speculations from the ground shows an uneven war between the two forces , for the first time the (SGF) are using fighting jets in the war, the Syrian official army has the advantage of the man and the machine power, mostly helicopters , to fight the rebels , but the Syrian free army also has an advantage of the supporting population, plus the (FSA) is recruiting children under the age14, equipped with light weight machine guns (Kalashnikov) and heavy machine guns PKC’s, recently they got light weight rockets also, that’s why the Gov. Forces are using the burning land tactic, in order for the population to evacuate the fighting zone , preventing of mass casulties from civilians. The fighting environment is crowded streets with bad roads, without any sidewalks or sanitation, I have been there , 4 months ago in the house of one of my friends, (salah-el-din) , this street was from long ago under the control of extremist, some times also street gangs , I would admit that this part was neglected from the Gov. Because of the illegal settlements which are spread all around the outskirts of Aleppo. In this particular moment, the city is looming in a dangerous silent, the only sound that we hear is the sound of the shelling, from my connections and inspections, I know the shelling is happening on those particular streets, the Gov, gave time minute (zero Hour), for civilians to evacuate, that’s why people on those hot zones, are fleeing to another more safe grounds, one of my close friends fled from the street of sief al dawle which is adjacent to Salah al din street, they left the place in two days period, two buildings were bombed that’s why, they left the street, now these streets are under a heavy shelling, it’s obvious that  this street war will take a long time, to end completely, because the rebels have some supporters on their side, but not the whole population, unlike what the western media is saying, supporters of the old regime, are more in number than the supporters of the rebels that’s because there isn’t a representative figure which can represent the opposition and can show a better alternative for the current situation, as everybody know the opposition is split in itself, and everybody in its ranks fighting, for chairs, in a future government, that doesn’t have any place on ground, they only theorize, from their palaces in Paris and London, this obviously won’t bring any good, for the Syrian people, in any way. Now I’m going to talk about the daily concerns of our daily life in Aleppo, the first problem is electricity its cutting off for 4 straight hours then comes back then they cut it for another 1 hour then they give electricity, the reason as the gov officials say is the lack of fuel because of the closed roads in and out of the city , plus the damaged power stations ,which were under constant target, from the free Syrian Army militias, the situation on ground can be explained in a one word which is Urban Paralysis ,the shops are closed, the roads are cut, some by the (FSA), and some by the (SGF), there isn’t any transportation of goods, or pedestrians, in and out of Aleppo. It’s good to know that, there is allot of human rights violations, especially from the (FSA) side, mass killings, massacres, torture, burning, burying people while they are alive, and kidnaping, became so common that everyone is afraid to continue their normal life.

*Now in these points, I want to show, the overall situation of the city:

1-Housing :

There aren’t sufficient places for the refugees, and the city is full of occupants, mostly people, who came earlier from the previous refugees, from Homs and Hama.


There isn’t sufficient food in the city because of road closures. Most of the shops are closed; there is an absence of bread, because of lack of flour material.


Discussed earlier, not possible because of road closure, and the military operations along the expressway. The absence of fuel makes things worse.

4-Business life:

All the shops are closed, the Syrian pound has fallen two liras, in one day against the dollar. There has been an increase, in the price of gold also.


The city has seen, deterioration in cleanliness, because of accumulation of rubbish on the street corners, and nobody is cleaning them. We are not cut from water yet….

6-communication: most of the communication in the city is available, there are mobile cuts in some parts of the city , about the internet connection in Syria, mainly the internet is slow, the connection cuts in Thursdays and Fridays which makes any internet work to be disrupted, there is allot of banned websites, but the proxy opens them all.There are Different internet speeds,higher speeds help for downloading, but doesn’t effect the whole internet quality.


The schools are closed because of the summer vacation, most of the universities have summer courses which students can attend, like me I’m also an university student, and don’t know, if I will ever be able to continue my studies in my university again.


In the Syrian war, the biggest casualties will be civilians, not the rebels, because they are using humans as shields, according for the latest estimations there has been 16000 deaths, and even bigger number of wounded, we hope this war will end soon.


Useful abbreviations: (FSA): free Syrian Army,

(SGF): Syrian Governmental forces.



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