The Syrian current situation 7/9/2012

Twin bombings in Aleppo

It was a Friday afternoon around 3 o’clock, that the news of the suicide attack, hit Aleppo, next to the Syrian- government’s intelligence service, in the moment of the explosion, I wasn’t inside the town, to hear the terrible sound.

I was in the university, taking marketing classes, and not aware of the situation, after I reached home, my family members were in panic, every TV inside the house was open, to let us see every part of the terrible incident, the place was in trembles, bodies everywhere, ambulance cars rushing to the place, dead people, fried bodes, all over the place.

The windows of the buildings, near around the incident were blown up, and you would see people looking to the blast, like someone woke up, from a very bad dream. There was a big terrible silence. In that moment I knew that my life won’t be the same again.

After that terrible incident, things started to change, the face of the rude reality, started to show. It was a suicide bomb, like to ones in Iraq, and in theaters of Moscow, a new kind of military resistance in the time of fast, progressive and ticking urban life…. Syria was bleeding the aggression was unlimited, tens of people last their lives hundreds left wounded, our hearts were shredded our minds shocked, everyone wanted someone to blame, everyone hated someone, and every one blamed the other group for the incident.

The Government official’s said, it was the al Qaida, and the opposition said, it was the Government itself. The thing that amazed me most was the reaction of people, to such catastrophic events, most of the time, there was massive fear, shock, and condemnation, but, sometimes you hear a word of praise, and even encouragement. In a country living under a unified political regime, there weren’t any kind of active opposition, no matter how much, insignificant the effect of the opposition, it may be, was absent.

The right mechanisms were absent, in order to prevent such catastrophes, the government entered into a temporary panic, some bad decisions has been made, and the economic inflation began. All this historic events happened in Syria , under the context of what is called , the (Arab spring), which began in Morocco , against the Morocco king , but these so called revolutions , were somehow fake , and because of the empty political scene, that it left behind , made the perfect timing, for the Islamic parties take to toll, of the government wheel, in many Arab countries.

In many of the countries, that the Arab Spring revolution happened, the Syrian case, was something different, the Syrian political scenery, was consisted of singular political party, which was the (bath), the main opponent of the regime, was and (still is) the extreme Islamic left (Ekhwan Al Muslimin), and their political agenda, of implementing the (sharia)   as a source, for deriving laws to keep the civic order, and implementing on the Syrian people, but the Syrian population is very diversified and won’t accept this to happen.

What is accepted, throughout the world, that the modern Government institution design relies solely, on its, secular constitution, which gives it, the enough flexibility to evolve and develop, if changes needed throughout its existence. There is huge difference between the secular and the religious constitutions, because the secular civic constitutions can be modified or completely changed, whereas the Sharia, takes its legitimacy from god, which can’t be put to question.

So the question is, is it that lack of governmental paternity, or the cultural predisposition to such events, which made the problem worse? my opinion is , they all take a descent  amount of blame for what happened , and what will happen next …..,because if one of the parties was civilized, and mature, things wouldn’t reached, to this level of barbaric warfare.

All in all , the biggest mistake of the previous Gov. , was the Marginalization of this Islamic groups , by not giving them more seats in the Gov. , that made the Syrian public, more assertive to the Islamic ideologies , and made the country go 100 years backwards. In situations like these , the personal freedoms of people , will fall , taking with it, innovation and human progress ,which gives the mental stimulation it needs, in order civilized nation leave a print in human history, as a civilization that existed and produced : science , technology , products , ideologies ……..etc.

After the suicide attacks, we started to hear about political assassinations, targeting people like political figures, nationalists, pilots, and scientists. we certainly can conclude, that  Islamic political groups , like the (free Syrian army) is behind such attempts .Terrorism as way of political struggle, is like a dirty bomb against a tank , Although its dirty nature , it’s an effective way, to fight against more powerful enemy . These explosions started to happen in open markets …., main streets, police stations, making people’s lives, more unsafe and dangerous.

Normal citizens in main cities started to be, under constant fear, of losing their lives, in any given moment , they feel depressed, unwilling to shop or go out to hang in public places , that’s why their health starts to deteriorate, damaging, body and mind , of a nation…..

Now as all the world knows, we are in the middle of the Syrian crisis, we are living in a political vacuum with a lot of tensions, changing tides, some people are holding to hope rocks, that no more are useful to them, but why they still hold it ? it don’t make any sense to me….

My biggest concern in the current crisis is the rising probability of (Islam vs. Gov.) war, into a civil war, which can tear the country apart, transforming it into a small territories fighting each other, transforming it into a small territories fighting each other, in self-eliminating way…, this may seem a dark scenario even though it has the ethnic predispositions to do so….this situation reminds me with destructive forces of nature, where any destructive storm, nature provides, it also provides calm, after the destruction, we hope, we be able build, after it all gone…

If we look closer to the geographic scenery of Syria, we will also see a nation which is blessed and also cursed for its amazing place on the geography of the Middle East, Its location in the center of the older civilizations, its ever- rising geopolitical importance, made it a military playground of the greater powers in east and west. Cut off from the world for almost 50 years, the Syrian foreign policy, looks with suspicion and curiosity, struggling to hold, its citizen’s integrity and culture, but the global changes are so strong that it will mislead even the most sophisticated political calculations around.

Taking a glimpse on the economy, we see a country which is now, trying to provide the basic needs of its citizens, needs like gas, benzene and fuel. The rebels are bombing pipelines making refining oil, producing benzene, even harder. The rebels are using the method of sabotage in order to sink the government with the societies’ unending demands, knowing that the government wouldn’t be able to provide the sufficient amount of oil to its people; this whole situation pushes citizens to revolutions, these revolutions aren’t from the soul of the people, but they are the result of the economic difficulties which the people middle east, are facing, that’s why more chaos won’t bring any good to them.

The idea of using religion, as well as children (which will be the subject of my next essay), in war concentrated on political power struggle, is nasty business. In my opinion using religious views, to fight another group of people, decreases the sole purpose, of any modern religion, which is, the preservation of peace and love, on this brutal planet. When any political leader uses religion as a tool to fight, they will face the same religious forces fighting against themselves. I will finish this article by saying that virtually every form of religious violence has its nonreligious corollary.

I hope in the future, people will be more honest with themselves, in order to be able to show their real secular goals, that they hide it behind the mask of religion, or even other kind of ideologies, and start concentrating on real issues, which will open the path, for constructive reasoning and action.


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