Syrian Education continued

The educational level of students:

 the level of education in the middle east particularly Syria, has risen particularly, but still  we still see difficult challenges that Syria is facing , the level of education in Syria has risen from 1960 s till now, but this rise is not sufficient to rise, the over all population educational demands, to direct it in a direction of total growth, but it made things worse, in a sense that, Syria failed partially, to catch  the total technological progress of the world, governmental education in Syria failed to catch the total world educational programs …. It is obvious to the observer, that the out put of the Syrian education, is not sufficient to cope with the high demands of technological progress, that the world is facing these days,  this makes the third world, in on a unending race, to catch the first world countries , in the progress and survival race . The downfall of the Middle Eastern countries, is their huge population, which decreases the amount of the income per capital, which also affects the over all, culture of education, also effects the consciousness of mind.

The effects of paternal society on education:


The paternal society effects its institutions , character ,and personality ,this makes it far behind the most competitive cultures of the west, which strives on individuality and uniqueness of their ideas, where as the paternal society, strives on authority by following, the family wishes, rather and doing his or her wishes , people try to be as nice as possible, for people around them, which transform them to puppets of fake , to be as the society wants them to be ,needs tremendous energy, which is wasted in hiding what is undesirable by them, and showing fake happiness, which kills the individual in a slow pase . the students and society, reach a point of total fakeness, and then it bursts in a rage of anger, and desperation . this is how paternal society work ,it gets its power from the father, the home provider ,mothers in parental societies mainly are, house workers, this family structure stayed unchanged for a longest time period that any structure can take a hold, at the face of changing times, however we know better that this has to change in order to cope with the fast change of the world….

 Relationship of girls with boys in schools:


This is one of the huge problems in the Syrian society, accept in the minority schools, or the private sector schools where girls and boys work,study ,graduate together, where as in the overall society the culture is  what is called , conservative. Boys in a different class than girls, or in a total different school, and girls, this makes the integrity of culture, in its most lowest forms, with no understanding of the other side , no empathy , and no emotional response from each other , which we get in private schools….., the solution is the creation of merged schools, with better equipment , technology , better learning culture from the schools administration and better management …..,if this emergent point won’t be done the normal response will be the adaptation of women to their mother’s personality, and the son the father, so to break this chain of self reproduction , education with all its power should break the chain of family , culture , and old habits to clean the way to a better future …..

The creative use in children education:


The use of creativity is so low in the middle east that, in writing subjects or essays the children, freeze in ability of expression, or of imagination, that’s why business don’t care of imaginative people, and don’t reward them in middle east, because they are not motivated enough, to encourage imaginative people because they are not studied in that way …. When imagination lacks from a society, it has a devastating  s effect on its financial and social progress, it affects commerce innovation, invention, and prosperity. it becomes finally an anti – progress movement which lacks ingenuity , uniqueness and destroys what is smart ,elegant . It is amazing how much a person can achieve, if the environment is provided to him , if the right seeds, are put, in the beginning of his life, the fruits, will come sooner or later , the more the seeds of integrity , work , concentration and dedication, to work, the more the fruits, that they will take home . And have more positive days they will have on their self as future individuals.

The Syrian children are creative, as all the children of the world, but to stimulate creativity and productivity, the school educational system, should change the school, transferring it into a fun place, not to a prison, people want to escape from. As pink Floyd said once: lets break the wall….

The classes has to change the children should take more breaks , more integrative , communicative team work style classes should emerge , even furthers schools and university’s should push to the market place and have better connection with the environment which it is in it.


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