Personal Presentation

First of all, I say thank you for all the readers who are interested in reading these articles, I really appreciate their patience, to my mistakes, because this is the first time I’m starting to write on serious subjects from my point of view, to be a reasonable writer, and to reach a big audience as much as possible. For all critics and skeptics (and god they are not few) I ask their total forgiveness to my short sight, in my subjects, that I’m going to write from this point of time, to a time I will be unable to express myself and that will be the end. My articles  will be personal projection of the realty that I face every day, and the realty that I would like to see for all people, my personal culture is not biased to any group or religion or any political party what so ever, I would like to write as objective as possible without having any hatred or affection to any group or person.


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